Jul 11, 2009
RockShip game submitted to AppStore.
     Jan 05, 2007
New Look to the site.
     May 18, 2006
Boomerang game won JavaOne 2006//CODE:MOTO contest.
     Aug 25, 2005
MazeMania Reviewed by BlackberryCool.
     Aug 17, 2005
MazeMania1.0 Released.
     Aug 11, 2005
TipBuddyv1.0 released for free.
     Jul 08, 2005
ExCellApps website is up.
     Jun 06, 2005
ExCellApps Domain Registered.
  RockShip is a funny game where Cave-Men fight Aliens to defend thier Cave, and so svae the Earth from Aliens.

Very soon this game will be available for iPhone and iPod touch from AppStore.
Our goal is to reduce the development cost. We at ExCellApps tries to maximize the usage of open source tools to bring down the cost to our customers. We use tools like Eclipse, Subversion, ANT and freely available Emulators for most of the development.
Quality is not quantitative. It is always relative. We deliver the products with good quality in terms of efficiency, optimization and maintainace.
Once some one said, any one can write the software, but the way it was written matters. We don't deliver the product, which requires us to be there always to maintain it.
  Boomerang is the Winner in 2006//CODE:MOTO

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